Louis De Jaeger

Louis De Jaeger is an international keynote speaker and landscape designer. He is a man on a mission and has three main goals in life:

* Make as many acres of land sustainable per year
* Inspire as much people as possible to be a changemaker
* Live an adventurous, fulfilling, and loving life.

As an eco-entrepreneur he achieves these goals through various projects. He co-founded Food Forest Institute, campaigns against too many lawns with ByeByeGrass and wants to plant millions of trees with The Biggest Tree Plant.

As an author he is written 50+ articles for newspapers and magazines, wrote his first book about the future of agriculture and is currently writing a book on “How to design a food forest”.

He sees Commensalist as a sustainable business to positively change the world through design, charity, and education.


Where it all

Louis De Jaeger travelled the world for five years and lived in several places in Europe. He saw that our mother earth is deteriorating, and that people feel helpless because they have the feeling, they can’t do anything about it.

He discovered through permaculture and later through food forestry, agroforestry, agroecology, and holistic management that there is a solution for every single problem we are facing.

The biggest challenge we have right now is people feeling stuck, not knowing what to do.

Louis founded Commensalist with the ‘commensalist’ philosophy in mind. In biology, commensalists are organisms that gain mutual benefits from each other, without harming one another. Sustainable collaboration. Working with nature.

Louis believes that every solution can be achieved in very simple, understandable steps.

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