*Définition du Commensalisme

In ecology, an interaction between two organisms,
where one benefits and the other remains unaffected.
Latin: cum mensa: ‘with the same table’

About Commensalist

Commensalist is an agency specialised in futureproof food forest, farm, garden and landscape design. Louis De Jaeger runs the company with a team of landscape architects, agro-ecologists and agricultural engineers. Together they are ready to realise the garden design of your dreams.

About the manager and founder

Inspirer and action man
Commensalist’s founder, the eco-entrepreneur Louis De Jaeger, has travelled the world for five years, from Canada to Panama, Russia to Morocco. On his way, he rediscovered a long-forgotten passion: nature.

Louis De Jaeger, CEO Commensalist

After staying with people in Mexico who were transforming their piece of land into a self-sufficient domain according to the rules of Permaculture, he was completely smitten.

A magic seed

Nothing is more magical than planting a seed from which you can harvest fruit for the rest of your life.

After having explored the world and visited and studied various sustainable gardening, landscaping and agriculture projects, he thought it was time to return to Belgium to study for a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Management. He is strongly in favour of lifelong learning and is constantly upskilling himself in Belgium and abroad, for example at Oregon State University.

Belgians and their garden
Once he arrived in Belgium, he was surprised by how few people actually take care of their gardens and decided to do something about that. The garden could become one’s personal paradise, a safe haven, a holiday destination. All Belgian gardens together cover an area larger than the largest nature reserve in Belgium.

Agriculture is destroying the world, but it can also save it

As a farmer’s grandson, Louis De Jaeger has a strong affinity with agriculture and has spent the last eight years researching the future of agriculture. His book ‘We eten ons dood’, published by Houtekiet, gives his answer. He uses these same insights to help (set up) agricultural projects in Belgium and the rest of the world.

Change is coming!
He has launched Commensalist in order to convince individuals, companies and governments to get more out of their green spaces. Louis De Jaeger also writes articles and books on sustainable living and gardening, can be booked for lectures, is a serial entrepreneur and you can meet him at various events, fairs and conferences.

The possibilities are endless
Commensalist is also very good at finding out exactly what the DNA of your mission is. Because only when this is clearly defined can we initiate a project that is sustainable from both a technical and an emotional point of view. A good project not only helps the planet but also makes you happy.

First of all, congratulations on starting this exciting journey and hopefully we can help you realise your dream. Please let us know when you are ready to become a Commensalist* 🙂

*Définition du Commensalisme

In ecology, an interaction between two organisms,
where one benefits and the other remains unaffected.
Latin: cum mensa: ‘with the same table’

*Définition du Commensalisme

En écologie, une interaction entre deux organismes,
où l’un profite sans que l’autre ne soit affecté.
Latin: cum mensa: ” à la même table “..