Food forest

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Food grows on a tree

Most of the food we eat comes from annual production. This means that every year a seed has to be sown, the soil is disturbed and the plant dies.

Food forests turn the actual way of food production upside down. You plant a food tree or shrub just once and you can harvest it for several decades. The soil does not need to be disturbed, so soil life can go on its course without disturbance.

A food forest for everyone

Food forests can be implemented in a very wide range of environments. A food forest (edge) can be created in a garden, there are also therapeutic food forests. They are very popular in company gardens and in playgrounds.

Food forests can also play an important role in agriculture. It is challenging but possible to develop a thriving agricultural business with food forest production at its core.

Food forest Bed&Breakfast


Food forest business models

Food forests are the holy trinity: agriculture, nature and experience come together. It is the melting pot of these different elements that makes this type of agriculture so valuable.

Our desire to help the world is very much in our genes, so we are looking for a sustainable way to continue to do so. People, planet, profit can be applied to food forests. The permaculture ethics state this as: people care, earth care and fair share.

Developing a sustainable business model to create, maintain and run a successful food forest is perfectly possible. The game is about finding the right balance between the capacities of the team, assessment of the target audience, efficiency and ecology.

“A food forest is probably the ultimate form of farming”


If you plant a food forest today you can harvest for the rest of your life


What does a food forest offer?

Fruit, nuts, vegetables that can be transformed, eaten and sold.

There is nothing like walking together hand in hand through an edible paradise.

Your hands will connect you with nature, making you feel relaxed and calm.

A lot of people are looking for a way to both help the world and make a living out of it.

Long tables with tasty and local food among the trees. A venue to celebrate important events

People are attracted to a place like this, where like-minded people come together to connect and have fun.


How can we help?

  • Organise a workshop to analyse the strengths and opportunities of the project
  • Developing the concept
  • Creating a planting plan: the right plants in the right place
  • Help define branding and marketing
  • Developing a business plan together