Land design


What is your dream?

Are you fed up with the city life and do you want a life on the country? Do you live in an apartment, and do you have a dog who needs more space? Do you already live in the country and are you up for the adventure of your life?

Then maybe, just maybe, starting your dream project is the solution. We say maybe because the only way you will succeed with starting a landscape project or farm is if you want it with whole your heart, or even with your entire body. If starting a landscape project or farm just sounds like a nice idea, a cool thing to do, maybe you should think twice before embarking this life-changing adventure.

We help you to really narrow down the “why” of this adventure, defining this “why”, what a synonym is of your deepest desire, will guide you through good and tough times.

Finding the perfect land

So, you decided you really do want to start your farm or landscape project? Congratulations, it might be one of the most challenging, fun and life-changing events in your life. Most people already have an affinity with a certain country, a part of the world or simply want to stay in the country they’re living in at this moment. Finding your dream property is an intense but very rewarding experience. You could ask Commensalist to do the property hunting for you, but make sure you would be missing out on a lot of fun. ‘If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favourable’ is quote by Seneca that is applicable on the search of your dream location. 

The more information you know, the better prepared you are, the smoother your property hunt will be. Ofcourse you can use immo sites to find properties, but also make sure to look at local property listings: 2dehands of 2iememain in Belgium, Leboncoin in France, Craigslist in the USA, Marktplaats in the Netherlands, milanuncios in Spain, Subito in Italy and so on. Also: nothing compares to just roaming the area you want to live in, indulge yourself in the local atmosphere, talk to hundreds of farmers and land owners and tell them about your plan, talk to restaurant owners, B&B owners, ask about the region. 

We could write entire books about this subject but remember two things:

1) know what you want and  2) just go and do it!

your ideal design?

So, you have your ideal location? You’re ready to just start and organize? First you need to know what kind of farmer or landowner you are or want to be. Are you a manager type of person that wants to lead a team of talented people? Or are you someone that does not mind getting your hands dirty and working twelve hours non-stop?

Is marketing and selling one of your strongest passions? Or are you the best imaginable host that wants to welcome people on your property? Or maybe it is possible you are a mix of one of the things above?

It is important to design your property around who you are, what your strengths are, but also your deepest desires. Then it is about writing down all the ingredients and finding a way to fit them all harmoniously together.


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