As a company manager or garden owner, you want the best result at the best price. We try to provide just that little bit more. A garden or business park that is as drought tolerant and low maintenance as possible.

We visit the site for an intense brainstorming session and a site analysis. The garden and landscape architects of the Commensalist team then translate this information into a detailed plan.

Landscaping & Maintenance

Commensalist is primarily a design agency but has partners all over Belgium who can take care of sustainable landscaping and maintenance. Our network allows us to take care of everything from start to finish so that you can have peace of mind.

Do you have a tight budget? No problem, with a few small changes you can already improve your garden or land.

Of course, nothing stops you from getting your hands dirty! Nothing is more satisfying than creating your own garden!


Louis De Jaeger has travelled the world for five years, has lived in several places in France, stands up for a sustainable future, is a permaculture expert, founder of, promoter of food forests and regularly appears in the news.

Through his many experiences from different adventures around the world, he has acquired a critical view of the world and interesting insights and life lessons.

He likes to share this richness and expertise with the public in order to inspire people. On the press page you can find out what he writes about, what projects he is working on and what his visions are.